You feel it too, don’t you?

It’s what makes the goosebumps rise on your skin. It’s the reason your hair stands on end, why the butterflies race in your belly and your blood pumps cold in your veins. When the Elohim defied the Almighty to walk among us in the Garden for a single night, they opened our eyes to the truth, and we have kept them tightly shut ever since.

For thousands of years, the storm brewed. The signs were right in front of us. Tonight we mistake the howls of the damned for a chill running down our spine, but many of our ancestors knew better. Sometimes there was born to us a man or a woman who was not afraid to stare boldly into the Eye of Oblivion. But rare indeed were those who could resist its siren song of temptation. Now the deals they struck with the devils therein are revisited upon their children down to the last generation.

With each sunrise and sunset, the ravages of time and the wars of humankind tore away at the place that was not a place — that place which is called the Pit, and Hell, and the Abyss. In the name of God, we slaughtered our brothers, our mothers, our children. In our endless quest for dominance, we felled the walls of Rome and split the atom asunder. Again and again we sent swarms of souls shredding through the veil faster than it could repair itself, and in so doing, became agents of our own destruction.

In this world of skyscrapers and push-button entertainment, the Race of Dust believes it has surpassed the need for God. We dismiss faith as the last refuge of a man without answers or arguments. As we trudge through the motions of our workaday lives, we see no reason to doubt that nice young lady on the weather channel when she tells us to expect partly cloudy skies at reasonable temperatures. And all the while, cold wind howl and storm crows circle frantically overhead…

Now all this shall pass away.

The crystal is broken.

The demons are loosed.

The damned howl.

The waters rise.

The crystal is broken.

The demons are loosed!

For the great day of wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Twilight of the Cosmos

xv_lucid_dreamer_vx Twilight of the cosmos